Here are some of the weirdest things ever purchased on eBay.

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eBay is one of the most popular online stores in the globe. Since the site’s inception in 1995, eBay has sold countless items. And while most of the items sold online are everyday items that you can use in real life such as a well-designed phone cover or a nostalgic book from your childhood, some very strange things have also been sold on eBay.

Some of the weirdest and strangest things ever listed on eBay include:

Lint from Steph Curry’s Hair sold by Drake.

Stephen “Steph” Curry II is a professional NBA player for the Golden State Warriors. He is often described as the greatest shooter in NBA history.

The lint was listed by popular rapper Drake. Drake began taking bids for the hair lint with the eBay username “DraymondShouldntWear23.” A day later, bids reached as high as $86,000 before the original page listing the hair got taken down.

A ghost’s walking stick.

In 2004, a 6-year-old boy was convinced that his grandfather’s ghost was haunting him, so his mother placed his walking cane on eBay, assuring the young boy that his grandfather’s spirit would follow the cane to the winning bidder. The haunted cane did come with one stipulation — that the new owner write a letter to the boy, telling him that his grandfather “is there with you and you’re getting along great.”

The cane sold for $65,000. The winning bidder was GoldenPalace.com, a gambling site notorious for buying up oddities in exchange for free press.

A man’s entire belongings.

After getting a divorce, Ian Usher decided he was going to sell almost everything at auction. Usher, a Briton living in Australia, cast his Jet Ski, car, motorcycle and home (and everything inside it) on eBay in 2008.

It might sound depressing, but this story has a happy ending. The man used the proceeds to finance a trip around the world. He managed to sell all his belongings for $305,000.

The meaning of life.

In 2000, someone claimed to have found the meaning of life and put it up for sale. “I have discovered the reason for our existence and will be happy to share this information with the highest bidder,” wrote the seller. The item went up for one cent and the winning bid was only $3.26. The seller had an impressive feedback score, so we assume the buyer was satisfied.

Battle armor for a guinea pig.

One eBay seller created a full-body scale armor for their guinea pig. This armor sold for $24,300 on eBay in 2013, and all proceeds went to benefit the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue in the Virginia and Washington D.C. area.

A random man’s Facebook data.

In 2018, Oliver Frost of London downloaded his Facebook data, stuck it on a thumb drive and put it up for sale on eBay. Within a few days, the 26-year-old’s data reached a high bid of $393 before eBay pulled the listing and accused him of selling a Facebook account, which is against eBay UK’s terms and conditions.

The Most Expensive eBay.com Purchase: A Jet.

A Gulfstream II Jet sold on eBay for $4.9 million in 2001 and is the record for highest eBay sale price yet. The jet was sold by Tyler Jet (now, Tyler Jet Motorsports), the world’s largest business jet dealer at the time.

William Shatner’s Kidney Stone.

After William Shatner passed a kidney stone, he put the intestinal rock up for sale on eBay in 2006. Once again, GoldenPalace.com came in with a bid, offering $15,000 Shatner, who is a Star Trek cast member, contended that other “Star Trek” relics had fetched far more for memorabilia and countered with $25,000. GoldenPalace.com accepted; the money was donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Forehead advertising space.

Goldenpalace.com aren’t ones to miss out on a strange eBay auction. When a woman from Utah decided she wanted to help pay for her son’s college education, she came up with the crazy idea of selling advertising space on her forehead. So the casino coughed up $ 8878.98 to have their web address plastered on Kari Smith’s forehead.

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