We provide comprehensive Air Cargo from the UK, Europe & Turkey to Somalia. We collect, ship, and deliver many supplies to businesses in Somalia, equally providing all-inclusive cargo services to the diaspora in UK and Europe as well as people living in Somalia who purchase products online, have it delivered to our office and forward to them on our weekly air cargo to Somalia. Our door to door air cargo to Somalia is weekly, with transit-time of only 3-7 days.

We deliver to all cities and towns in Somalia. Simply request a Quote Here or fill the form below.

Did you know you can now shop online while in Somalia in the UK?

You can use our UK address below for all your online shopping and commercial shipment to Somalia.

We provide a free UK address for our customers to receive their goods and send them to Somalia. You shop and we ship your goods to Somalia hassle-free; all customs and taxes included.

This works for customers in Somalia who shop online with UK shops like eBayAmazon, ArgosASDATESCO and need their purchases to be delivered to Somalia.

You can now shop online with us in the UK for all items online, for more details get in contact with us.

You can now shop online from the UK and have it delivered to your doorstep in Somalia all-inclusive of customs and taxes.

It’s very simple and easy to use this service and 3 easy steps apply.

  1. Shop the online USA to Somalia
  2. Use our UK delivery address
  3. We receive and deliver your orders to Somalia from the UK

Shop online from Somalia in the UK delivery to your doorstep.

You can purchase online shopping for personal and business use delivered to you in Somalia. We can also assist you by ordering and purchasing on your behalf all your online shopping. Just fill in the form below find out how?

Our rates are all-inclusive of all customs and duties for your cargo with nothing else to pay once collecting from our office in Somalia.




We at Air Cargo Global know that many of our Somalia customers like to shop online in the UK, USA stores, shops and need help in getting the goods to Somalia safely and securely inclusive of all customs and taxes.

You can also send cargo to Somalia and shipping to Somalia with us.

Some UK, USA stores do not ship directly to Somalia, this is where we provide you with a UK address to use for all your online shopping to Kenya.

With ACG you can shop online or we can go to the shop for you and get the best prices for the goods you need to be delivered to you in Somalia.

Or you can simply use our secure and safe London address in the UK, USA addresses to deliver your goods.

Shopping from different shops online, we will consolidate all your goods in one shipment to Somalia to save you on costs.

Receive email, Facebook updates on when your goods are received in UK or USA office.

Don’t have MasterCard or PayPal account to shop online, don’t worry we have got you covered. You can pay with cash in Somalia for all your online shopping in the UK, USA exclusively by us only.

Want to shop wholesale, we can help you source products from the UK, USA, and Turkey and have them delivered to you in Somalia.


  • UK to Somalia air cargo Personal Effects delivered
  • UK to Somalia air cargo online shopping delivered
  • UK to Somalia air cargo business shopping delivered
  • UK to Somalia air cargo Commercial Goods delivered


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