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As a freight forwarder specializing in online shopping, Air Cargo Global Kenya helps people source for goods for personal use as well as help others be financially independent by importing goods they sell through online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. In fact, online shopping from eBay to Kenya ranks as one of our most sort after services by our clients.

Amazon is the by far perceived as the industry leader when it comes to online marketplaces, but eBay cant really be overlooked. It’s a place where many find success selling goods and operating their own lucrative businesses.

If you plan to import goods and make a living selling them online through a website or social media platforms, as a portion of our clients do, it’s a good idea to research the online marketplaces where you can source cheap goods from. We came across this interesting infographic and thought it was worth sharing especially with our ‘eBay to Kenya’ clients. It’s always good business practice to know who you do business with right?

The following infographic, (Provided courtesy of 16Best.net), gives a great deal of information about eBay.

The information you’ll find in the infographic includes top-selling items, how eBay works, visitor behavior on the site, and more that would be useful to anyone interacting with the platform in the hope to buy or sell goods.


To shop from eBay or Amazon and have your items delivered to Kenya click here.


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