What is dangerous goods shipment?

A dangerous goods shipment is anything that if not handled correctly could harm someone or the environment in the process of the shipment.

If you are not sure if your shipment is a dangerous goods shipment, please always ask the manufacturer or suppliers for a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

If you have a UN number on the MSDS, it’s a dangerous goods shipment.

You can always contact the team at Air Cargo Global to assist you with the shipment of your Dangerous goods.

At air cargo global we have a team of trained staff to deal with all your dangerous goods shipments, packing and documentation you need for your shipments.

We send all types of dangerous goods cargo to Africa and across the world.

Some examples of dangerous goods

  • Lithium batteries
  • Sprays and aerosols
  • Paint and varnished
  • Perfumes
  • Dry ice shipment medical


What do you need to know before shipping dangerous goods?

It’s your responsibility as the shipper to make sure dangerous goods are declared, so make us aware. If you’re not sure please ask a member of our team Air cargo Global ACG.


What we do to handle your dangerous goods shipment?

At air cargo global we have a team of trained professionals, who can pack your dangerous goods cargo to industry standards.

We can assist you with packing and the correct labels and all documentation for your dangerous shipment shipments.

What are the different classifications?

There are 9 different classes of dangerous goods, plus a few more sup classes.

The class your shipment is under will define how we pack it, label it and transport it for you.

If you see any of the labels on your shipment or parcel you want to send with us, then you must get in touch with the Air Cargo Global team to advise you on the correct packing and documents for your shipment.

Get in touch with us for all your Dangerous goods shipment.

    See below the different labels of dangerous goods.

    Like fireworks or flares

    DG classification: 1. Explosive substances and articles


    Like fertilizer

    DG classification: 5.1. Oxidizing substances


    Like aerosols or camping gas

    DG classification: 2.1. Flammable gas


    Like fiberglass repair kits

    DG classification: 5.2. Organic peroxides


    Like compressed oxygen

    DG classification: 2.2. Non-flammable gas


    Like pesticides

    DG classification: 6.1. Toxic substances


    Like insecticide gases

    DG classicization: 2.3. Toxic gas


    Like blood tests or medical trials

    DG classification: 6.2. Infectious substances


    Like solvents or paints

    DG classification: 3. Flammable liquids


    Like smoke detectors

    DG classification: 7. Radioactive material


    Like matches

    DG classification: 4.1. Flammable solids


    Like bleach or drain cleaner

    DG classification: 8. Corrosive substances


    Like phosphorus

    DG classification: 4.2 Substances liable to spontaneous combustion


    Like airbags, magnets, telephones, or laptops

    DG classification: 9. Miscellaneous


    Like calcium carbide

    DG classification: 4.3. Substances that emit flammable gases when in water


    Like separate lithium cells and batteries

    DG classification: 9. Miscellaneous


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