Valentine’s Day gifts never to buy a woman

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Sorry boys, but Valentine’s Day 2019 is fast approaching. And if you have ever been here before, you know that you never want to end up in the dog house on Valentine’s Day, which might obviously make the process of gift buying a little more complicated and more daunting than it needs to be.

Why is Valentine’s Day so complicated?

Not to pile onto the pressure but you should know that more fights and breakups occur on Valentine’s Day than any other day. On this day, most women look for confirmation of the level and amount of love or fondness you feel towards them through the gifts you give.

Some ladies are content with receiving a simple but beautiful bouquet of roses, or the classic box of chocolates. For these ladies, it is typically the thought that counts. But for others, Valentine’s Day can be a recipe for disaster, if you do not figure out exactly what your partner wants. Whether you are currently in an old relationship or a new one, expectations will be high, which will probably put a lot more pressure on you to come up with the perfect gift.

To make sure that Valentine’s day goes as smoothly for you as possible, here are Valentine’s day Gifts never to buy a woman:

A gym membership

Nothing screams romance like a gym membership, right? WRONG! Although you may have the very best of intentions, anything that hints that your loved one is fat or overweight will not go down well. Unless specifically asked for, avoid anything weight related as it will keep you in your significant other’s bad graces for a long time.

Really??? You got me a gym membership???? What are you trying to say????

What gift to give instead: Make new memories by going through an experience for the first time together.

Car accessories

Your woman might be obsessed with her car, but that does not mean that she wants car accessories for Valentine’s Day- no matter how cute you think that steering wheel cover may be. Car accessories are not romantic in any way and although your gift may be practical, it is really no fun on Valentines Day.

What gift to give instead: Consider driving her somewhere special, where you can be alone together.

A self-help book

Your girlfriend has been talking about this self-help group that she cannot wait to read. But that does not mean you should give it to her on the most romantic day of the year. Sure, she may need practical advice on ‘how to fulfill your resolutions this year’.

But that’s not what she wants on Valentine’s Day, trust us. Give your girlfriend a self-help group and you might need a book of your own after the day is over: How to stop your girlfriend from hating you.

What gift to give instead: Give her a book by her favorite author, but it should not be the only one of the day; try pairing it with chocolates or a nice dinner instead.


Clothes are a great Valentine’s day gift but only if you know the exact size that you have to buy and the type of style. The issue with buying your wife or girlfriend clothes is that it is a risky situation. If you buy clothes that are too big, you might be commenting on her weight. If you buy clothes that are too small, you might also be hinting that she needs to lose weight. There is no way to win with clothes unless you are completely sure about all the measurements, so it is best to avoid clothes at all costs.

The same also goes for shapewear like waist trainers. If you give a woman shapewear, she will automatically assume that you hate her body.

What gift to give instead: Ask her what her favorite store is and take her on a shopping spree, where she actually gets to pick her own clothes.

New pots and pans

If you buy pots and pans for Valentine’s Day or any other small kitchen accessory, on the other hand, you deserve the torment that you will endure after as a result. There is nothing sexy about kitchen equipment unless it is high end or something that has been specifically hinted or asked for.

Similarly, you should also try and stay away from modern appliances like blenders and vacuum cleaners- basically anything that can be used to clean the house or prepare food. These items should be purchased on regular days because they are household needs and not gifts for Valentine’s day.

What gift to give instead: To be on her best side, buy something that will be for her and her alone. For instance, you can take cooking classes and make her a 5-star dinner right at the comfort of your own home.

A text or DM

Please do not send a mere text to your girlfriend saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” even if you have only been together for a week. If you hope to go any further in your relationship, you will need to step up your gift-giving game. Although you may have the best intents, a text message, regardless of how heartfelt, may not be personal enough for Valentine’s Day.

What gift to give instead: Surprise her for lunch or dinner. Even if things are just starting out and are fresh, it pays to put in a little more effort that says I like you a little more than a mere text message. And you both have to eat, don’t you?

A Teddy Bear

Teddy bears and stuffed animals used to be cute, but this trend has been overdone to death. Also, it is the least amount of effort that you can make towards the day. Unless you are giving the stuffed animal to a slightly younger Valentine’s such as a niece or daughter, refrain from toys.

What gift to give instead: So, while you still have time, try and look for a more meaningful gift. It does not have to be an expensive gift, it just needs to be the right gift. For instance, spending time with her in a simple set up will mean a lot more than a useless stuffed animal.

A Valentine’s Day Card and that’s it!

Valentine’s day cards are great but only if they accompany other gifts. Many cards come pre-inscribed and if all you do is sign your name, it will actually do more harm than good.

What gift to give instead: Make your own card, if giving a card is literally the least you can do.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Some women have been known to give the silent treatment for days over bad Valentine’s Day gifts, so don’t let it happen to you.