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Are you ready for Black Friday shopping in Kenya? Read on for great prep tips.

How to make sure you are ready for Black Friday

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If you are hoping to lazily jump on the Black Friday bandwagon in hopes of getting the best last-minute discounts, you will need to strap your boots and prepare a little more in anticipation of the big day. It goes without saying that online shoppers that organize themselves and those that come up with clear and valuable strategies are far likelier to succeed during Black Friday shopping compared to those that do not.

What exactly is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the official name given to the day after Thanksgiving, which is usually when the holiday shopping season in the United States kicks off. Black Friday was given the name because so many accidents, crime and sometimes violence would occur when people went out to shop. The name was, therefore, coined to describe the mayhem that surrounds the day.

Black Friday is all about hunting for bargains. As such, if you intend on shopping online from stores such as Amazon, the Black Friday shopping period would be the best time to shop around for great deals and discounts on online goods and items.

Black Friday, although full of enticing deals and offers that will simply make you gag, varies based on different retailers. Because each retailer has different dates for their promotions, it can be quite hard trying to keep up with what is on offer.

The period also comes with a host of problems such as IT challenges that can make it impossible for anyone to shop properly. If you do not come up with a winning strategy, you could end up losing out on upcoming flash sales. To ensure that that you make the best of all Black Friday offers, read on for how to prepare for Black Friday like a pro.

Tips to help you make the best of Black Friday shopping

Start preparing early for Black Friday

To get the best deals, you will have to go beyond simply checking your notifications. Unlike before where Black Friday was a one-day affair, nowadays, Black Friday stretches for 3 to 4 weeks and sometimes longer depending on the retailer. To make the most of the month-long deals and savings, you will have to track the deals in real time.

Carry out your research

Do not approach the Black Friday shopping season unrehearsed. Many retailers start advertising deals for the holiday season in October so you can take advantage by studying the ads, both print and online so that you can understand the intricacies of what to look out for and what to miss before the bid day rolls in.

Social media is your friend

If you have a particular retailer in mind, you should try your level best to keep up with their social media feed. This way, you will get to find out about the promotions and deals before everyone else can. Furthermore, a lot of stores tend to reward customers that follow them on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and keep up with special alerts. Of course, if you have friends that are waiting on Black Friday deals, ensure to recruit them in the process because teamwork will make your dream work.

Come up with your budget

Black Friday sales, especially flash sales, are designed to make you purchase on impulse,-without thinking things through. Therefore, before the month of Black Friday begins in November, create a budget and stick to it. Determine ahead of time the amount of money that you are wiling to spend on your shopping spree so that you can be able to resist buying impetuously.

Shop online for Black Friday

Shopping for Black Friday deals in store can be a complete nightmare with all the crowds so always opt to shop online during Black Friday. Furthermore, online stores usually start Black Friday sales a lot earlier compared to brick and mortar stores, which will ensure that you get to deals ahead of everyone else

Sign up and bookmark

Prepare for Black Friday by signing up early to all the online stores that you intend to shop from. If you’re serious about bagging a bargain, bookmark these stores so that you can access them without complications.

Save some money for Christmas deals

Although Black Friday is the mother of all online sales, do not forget about the upcoming Christmas shopping season. In the days running up to Christmas, many stores, both online and brick and mortar, put together deals in form of vouchers and bonuses for the festive season. If you cannot afford to go all out on Black Friday, you can plan for these Christmas bonuses instead.

Final Thoughts

Black Friday is great but just because a store tells you that a product is on sale does not necessarily mean that it is. Carry out a quick search elsewhere to verify that you are getting the best deal possible. Additionally, you should remember to maintain safety when shopping online at all times to avoid being taken advantage of by fraudsters.

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