Tips for making the best of your experience when shopping on Amazon

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There is online shopping and then there is shopping on Amazon. If you have made the decision to start shopping online, it is vital that you place some effort into looking for reliable online stores to shop from. Amazon is by far the most reliable online store in the world; there are individuals that find themselves at Amazon almost daily- even when they do not intend on shopping.

Amazon is a great platform not just for online shopping but also for researching current prices on items, reading reviews, conducting some virtual window shopping, or simply just adding items to your Wish list as you wait for the right time to place an official order.

Love it or hate it, Amazon has done more for the online shopping revolution than any other online retailer, which has consequently helped to make online shopping mainstream. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your Amazon shopping experience, here are some great tips for shopping on Amazon:

Try shopping on Amazon Prime for free

If you shop on Amazon more than 10 times a year, then you should seriously consider giving Amazon Prime for free a shot. The free Amazon Prime membership lasts for 30 days, which will give you plenty of time to make up your mind about whether you want to commit to a membership. If you decide against becoming an official Prime member, remember to cancel your membership at the end of the trial. If you fail to, Amazon will automatically start charging you for your monthly subscription.

Consider shopping on Amazon using Prime Student

If you study abroad and are currently enrolled in a university or college that has a valid .edu email address, consider joining Prime Student. As a prime student member, you enjoy a 6-month free trial that has some great perks such as:

  • Unlimited streaming of countless of movies and TV series through Prime Video
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Discounts and offers that are designed specifically for students.

Once the six-month trial is up, you can then opt to sign up for Amazon Prime for 50% off.

Share your Prime Account

Amazon allows customers to store several mailing addresses and payment information under one Prime account. What this means is that you will able to create a single account that you can share with family members or close friends. To boot, you can each utilize your own different email addresses and payment methods to an order whenever you decide to shop on Amazon.

Shop Today’s Deals

Amazon runs daily promotions on its website known as Today’s Deals. There are various types of deals that Amazon runs daily such as:

  • The Deal of the Day which is available for the day only.
  • Savings and Sales that include discounts and ongoing special offers.
  • Lightning Deals are only available for a limited period with a timer attached.
  • Prime Early Access Deals which gives prime members access to lightning deals before other online shoppers.

Shop on Amazon with the digital coupons

Amazon is constantly updating its coupons on goods and items in various categories such as beauty and tech. The coupon discounts can range anywhere between 10% – 15% but some coupons are only available to Prime Members. When shopping on Amazon, simply click on the “clip coupon” button so that the discount can be applied to your purchase at checkout.

Shop on Amazon through the Shop the Amazon Outlet

The Amazon Outlet is the ultimate place to go when you need to look for discounts and marked down prices, overstocks, as well as special offers. The Amazon Outlet has special offers on almost all items including Amazon devices, apparel and beauty products. Discounts can range from 10% – 90% off.

Shop through the Amazon Warehouse

The Amazon Warehouse is where you can find items that have previously been owned such as books, outdoor equipment, electronics and cameras. Anything that you find through Amazon Warehouse will not have a warranty but any returns made have been already been authorized by Amazon’s strict return policy.

You can be sure that anything you find here will be tested by the Amazon specialist and even given a grade to notify you of its current condition. Some of the grades that you can find in Amazon Warehouse include:

  • Like new- perfect condition
  • Very good- the item may have some cosmetic damage or it may exhibit slight signs of use
  • Good- might have considerable blemishes or signs of abuse/missing parts
  • Acceptable- may have dents, scrapes, or other aesthetic problems

Enjoy the Amazon freebies

If you carry out some research, there are freebies on Amazon particularly on books and albums. You also stand to enjoy freebies on eligible Android apps that are available in the Amazon.com Appstore for Android.

Understand the return policy thoroughly

Amazon’s return policy is one of the best things about shopping on Amazon. Amazon’s return policy states that you can return a product is its is unopened, and new within 30 days of receipt. Before you pay for anything when shopping on Amazon from Kenya, be sure to figure out how you will return your items if you should need to upon delivery. Please note that Amazon provides free return shipping on select apparel and other goods. To find out if what you want to purchase is appropriate, keep an eye out for the “free returns” label next to the price.

Use the app

The Amazon Shopping app, which is free for both Android and iOS can allow you to compare the price of goods in the real world against the same items on Amazon so that you can determine which alternative is cheapest.

Final Thoughts

Even if you only shop on Amazon several times a year, these shopping tips will allow you to get the most out of your Amazon shopping experience. Amazon.com is a wonderfully convenient e-retailer that can help you access items that you typically would not find in Kenya. To have your items shipped right to your doorstep, reach out to us for recommendations and guidance on how to get your items delivered to Kenya.