What to remember when shopping for clothes online

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There are definitely some obvious perks when it comes to shopping for clothes online.  Online shopping is convenient, and best of all, it can save you huge sums of cash owing to the discounts on offer in most online stores. Although online shopping has completely revolutionized the way that people shop nowadays, it certainly has its drawbacks, something that hardcore online shoppers know only too well.

Shopping for clothes online and not being able to try them on before paying for them can feel like one of life’s biggest annoyances. Because you are shopping for an item that you have not seen or touched yet, the clothing that you eventually buy might be too short or too long, the fabric might be too see-through, that pair of jeans might arrive two sizes too small, and that gorgeous looking dress might look nothing like it did in the picture when it is finally delivered. Of course, there is always the dreaded return; if something does not fit right, how will you return it?

Furthermore, the entire process of shopping for clothes online may be frustrating to the inexperienced online shopper just because of the sheer number of options available out there to choose from. And where online sales are involved, think Easter Promotions, Black Friday Deals, Cyber Monday Offers, where do you even begin?

If you want to limit your disappointment when shopping for clothes online, there are certain rules that you have to live by to make sure that you get the best value for your money. Believe it or not, there is an art to shopping for clothes online. It might not necessarily eliminate the possibility of disappointments entirely, but with a little planning and smart shopping, online shopping can be the next best experience of your life.

Here is what to remember when shopping for clothes online

Get proper measurements of yourself before shopping for clothes online

Shopping online for clothes also means that you do not have the luxury of trying on the clothes before your complete your order. One of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping online is not having correct measurements of themselves.

It is not just enough to know whether you are a small or large, or whether you are size 10 or 16-keep in mind that one online store’s size 10 may be another stores size 8.Get your hands on a measuring tape to get measurements for your bust, hips, and waist.

Alternatively, you can visit a local tailor or fundi that can help you get accurate measurements so that you can shop without any fear or apprehension. When taking your measurement for online shopping, remember to:

  • Take your measurements while you are barefoot.
  • Do not take your measurements while wearing other clothes except your undergarments.
  • When measuring your waist, bend to one size to find the part of your waist with the natural crease. You should measure across at this point as this is the slimmest part of your waist.
  • Try not tighten your tape measure and keep it loose (but not too loose) or place it just directly above the surface of your skin.

Read customer reviews

Whenever you are shopping for clothes online, dedicate a huge portion of your time for reading customer reviews. Customer reviews can give you a much better idea of what the clothes will look like in person.

Customers that have bought the exact clothing you want previously can provide you with realistic details that have to do with the quality and fit of the item. Be wary of the reviews that comment on the style of the outfit and always take the reviews with a grain of salt as they are technically subjective and therefore highly biased.

Learn what the return policy is

Online shopping can be very risky because you do not get the chance to inspect your clothes, which is why it is vital to understanding what a store’s return policy is. If the return policy is not explicitly clear, consider buying your clothes at another online store.

Alternatively, you can make a call to the company first so that you can get all the necessary details. Some of the most important things to keep in mind with return policies are: What is the deadline for making a return or exchange? Will you be responsible for paying the shipping costs? Do they charge a restocking fee? Be sure of what the policy is before you shop for anything online.

Check the sizing charts when shopping for clothes online

If you have been shopping online for a while now, you must know the importance of the sizing chart provided by the online shop that you are using. Once you note down all your measurements, simply use the chart to find your measurements on it, and work your way from there.

Sometimes, if the store has used a model, they will provide you with the actual measurements of what the model is wearing, which can give you a sense of how long or short your outfit will be, as well as where the hemline, waistline, and neckline of a particular garment will fall on you. If the store has provided the height measurement of the model, be careful to note whether the model is wearing high heels or flats.

Example of sizing chart courtesy of  TripZilla magazine

Women: Avoid buying items that have seams that are designed to go directly under your breast

Unless you have a small bust, as a rule of thumb, women that are shopping online for clothes should stay away from tops and dresses with seams that are supposed to fall directly under the chest. This is because anything with diagonal or curving seams under the chest will cut you across the chest rather than under it particularly if you have a large chest area.

Review your cart before paying

When doing online shopping, it can be very easy to overspend and splurge on items that you do not necessarily need. To avoid financial regrets and bad decisions, make sure that you go through your cart before you click the check out button.

Ask yourself if whatever you are buying is actually something that you can wear for a long time or at least more than twice. If not, delete that item and save yourself the heartache. On the other hand, you must always remember that once something popular is sold out, it may be gone forever- so if you see something that you really like, get it.

Spend where it shows

Try and spend where it shows; in short, buy items that are not easily available locally or buy items with one-of-a-kind prints, meticulously designed bags and shoes, and silhouettes that look unique. Also, look for pieces that are stretchy or can be adjusted easily to save yourself the trouble of having to make lengthy returns and exchanges.

Now, start shopping online for clothes!

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