Tips to save money online: How to shop for less

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If you want to save money online- you are not alone. How amazing would it be if you could buy your goods online while saving money in the process?

Yes, shopping online without all the crowds of people disturbing you is definitely impressive, but it can also be frustrating and daunting when you order something but don’t know what to expect. There is definitely a love-hate relationship involved when it comes to shopping online. Even more, it can be very difficult to gauge whether you are indeed spending less or more in the process. Furthermore, when ‘free shipping’ nowadays isn’t so free anymore, is it possible to save money online?

Tips and tricks to save money online

Just as you would try to be sales conscious in any brick and mortar store, you must be equally as driven to save money online with every purchase. To ensure that you get the best deals and discounts, a lot of research is required. It is also advisable to use every trick in your arsenal if you want to significantly reduce the final balance in your shopping cart. Trick and tips to save you money online include:

Try and find cheaper

Whether you are thinking of buying a new TV or simply want to update your wardrobe, it is vital to try and see if you can find your product in a cheaper store. You will be surprised by how much you can save online just by opening another tab.

All you have to do is Google whatever product you are interested in buying and see if the same item or a close version of it is available in a different store. This strategy generally works well when looking for a specific style rather than a particular item.

For instance, if you are looking for a ‘black party dress’, the chances are high that you will get a range of alternatives with different price options to choose from once you complete your Google shopping search. You might not get the exact same little black party dress that you wanted, but you will more or less get the same thing at a much lower price than the original.

Be patient and hunt to save money online

Because e-retailers must do everything that they can to stay ahead of the curve, there is typically a continuous cycle of bargains and promotions on offer that have to expire for new products to be made available.

Many retailers often notify their consumers regarding new bargains and promotions by way of text, through the company website or through newsletters. If you cannot find the best price right away, it helps to exercise patience. Keep checking the website continuously and it will not be long before the item’s price is discounted.

Take note of shipping costs

Sometimes you may find a cheaper alternative online at the price that you want but then discover later that the retailer charges an insane amount for shipping and handling. Therefore, when you are doing your price comparisons on Google, always make sure that you factor in the shipping costs.

Then again, to ensure that you save money, you should also select a reliable shipping company or freight service that can ship your products at the most affordable rates.

Consider online coupons

There are plenty of coupon service websites that supply you with the latest online coupons, links to discounts and promotional codes that can enable you to save money online. Top coupon websites like DealCatcher, MyCoupons  and KeyCode. With these websites, registration is quick and free and you will receive newsletters with some of the latest and best online deals on a regular basis.

Abandon your cart

If you do not need an item urgently, you should consider leaving it in your shopping cart for a while (2 to 5 days). The opportunity will give you a chance to re-consider the items and more often than not, the store you are using will send you a promo code to convince you to finally make the purchase.

Clear your browser history before shopping to save online

Did you know that stores sometimes use cookies against you? Stores sometimes use cookies to track your shopping history and if it is continuous and regular, a store can use this information against you if they can. The prices of products may go up based on your demand so deleting your recent cookies will make the search process a lot easier for you. Try browsing in incognito mode or on a private browser if you do not want to delete your cookies.

Shop on the right day

Although it may seem tempting to shop online on a lazy Friday or Sunday afternoon- don’t. Most e-stores, especially American ones, roll out discounts and special deals on Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays. If you want to save money on small ticket items such as fragrances, jewelry, clothes, and groceries, shopping on the last three days of the week will most likely save you money. However, if you want to save big on large ticket items such as electronics and air tickets, Sunday is the best day to do your online shopping.

Download retailer apps

Most online retailers share exclusive deals with customers that have downloaded their apps. Such deals are usually not accessible on the main website or browser. Therefore, if you shop at a certain store habitually, ensure to download their app.  Whenever prices on certain items drop, the app will notify you so that you can access your item before it sells out.

It also generally advisable to follow your favorite brands on their various social media pages if you want to access news on discounts first.

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