How to buy goods from Amazon to Kenya

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Buying goods from Amazon to Kenya has never been simpler thanks to freight forwarding companies such as Kenya Air Cargo. Freight forwarding and logistics services such as the ones provided by Kenya Air Cargo  can allow you to buy anything from Amazon and have it delivered to your doorstep at unbelievably amazing prices. Want to learn more? Read this:

Buying from Amazon to Kenya used to be tricky. However, freight forwarding services have helped to make shipping much easier, safer and a lot cheaper than ever before. Countless Kenyans out there would love to buy goods from Amazon and ship them to Kenya because most products are often reasonably priced, and they tend to be of a higher value.

As a matter of fact, many retailers purchase a lot of their goods to sell in Kenya, such as clothes and electronics, from Amazon before selling them to you in a brick-and-mortar store for a profit. If you have always wanted to start a retailing business in Kenya, you should consider buying your products from Amazon or any other reliable online store such as eBay or AliExpress.

Why you should buy goods from Amazon to Kenya

Amazon is by far the world’s leading online store. Thousands of people buy products from Amazon daily because this online retailer is highly regarded and respected for its service. Basically, Amazon gives you the security to shop online without worrying about the status of your goods. The best thing about buying goods from Amazon to Kenya is that you can choose from a wide array of products, many of which are not available in Kenya. Additionally, products on Amazon tend to be cheaper than the same calibre of goods sold here.

Buying goods from Amazon to Kenya can be a little confusing and a little difficult for many because to buy goods from Amazon to Kenya successfully, you need:

A credit card

Unlike before, credit cards are not just reserved for the wealthy. The introduction of prepaid credit cards in Kenya has made it possible for thousands of people to conduct online purchases. Banks such as I&M and KCB provide customers with prepaid credit cards that can be used to buy goods from Amazon. Anyone can apply for a credit card as long as they are over the age of 18, own a national ID card, and can be responsible for their monthly payments. The way that most credit cards work is that you use the card to buy goods from Amazon until you reach your limit.

A postal address

To buy goods from Amazon to Kenya, you also need a mailing address where the items that you purchase will be sent. If you would prefer to receive your goods via Kenya Posta, you need to apply for a postal address at your closest postal station. A postal address costs about 2500 to open at first, however, you are required to pay 1000 KES charge per year to maintain your address.

A postal address is ideal if you are buying a small item from Amazon. Please note that items are not placed directly in your mailbox. Instead, when your item arrives by post, you will find a card in your mailbox notifying you to pick it up. The card will then enable you to sign off anything that you buy from Amazon. If you do not want to apply for a postal address, then all you have to do is rely on a freight forwarding company to help you.

The best way to shop on Amazon is to shop with the assistance of a freight forwarding company like Air Cargo Global. Although it is entirely possible to buy goods from Amazon without Air Cargo Global’s help, the logistics of getting your items to Kenya is a lot harder and more expensive than most people think. A freight forwarding company will ensure that you receive your goods from Amazon to Kenya without worrying about tracking your order or paying exorbitant shipping fees to have the goods delivered to you.

How to buy products from Amazon to Kenya with Kenya Air Cargo

Step 1: Sign in to Amazon to find the items that you need to buy from Amazon to Kenya

Say you need to purchase a smartphone from Amazon. All you need to do is log in to Amazon and search for unlocked cell phones. Go through the Amazon list to find the best smartphone for your needs. Don’t forget to carry out your research extensively to pick the best phone for your needs and budget.

Step 2: Copy your Amazon links

Copy and paste the link for the phone that you have chosen to buy into your email. If you are buying more than one item from Amazon, copy the links of the goods as well directly to your email. You can also copy and paste the links to a Microsoft Word document that you can then attach to an email.

Step 3: Send the links of the goods to info@keny-aircargo.com

Send the link to the item that you want to buy to info@Kenya-AirCargo.com so that you can get a quote from the Kenya Air Cargo team. When sending your email, ensure that you include the following information:

  • Your legal names as they appear on your Passport or ID.
  • Your phone number where you can be reached easily.
  • Please indicate how many items you need per every link that you send. For instance, if you need 2 smartphones, indicate that you need two pieces.

Step 4: Review your quote email

Once you receive your quotation email from Kenya Air Cargo, ensure that you review the quote. You will also receive a prompt in the email with a link that will allow you to create a password for the customer portal. The client’s portal will enable you to keep track of your invoices, your payments, your purchase history and your statements. If you do not understand the contents of the quotation email, do not hesitate to contact the customer service team for assistance.

Step 5: Make a payment

Once you review your quotation email and accept it. Kenya Air Cargo will send you a final invoice for the items that you want to purchase. The final invoice will allow you to pay for the final amount for goods via M-Pesa or via bank draft. You will pay for the shipping cost which will get the item directly to you once Kenya Air Cargo delivers your goods to you.

Step 6: Check your email for the purchase confirmation and the Amazon receipt

Once you make all the necessary payments for the goods that you are buying from Amazon, Kenya Air Cargo will start processing your order. Kenya Air Cargo will purchase your items and send you a confirmation email for the acquisition. Try and keep the attached Amazon purchase confirmation receipt safe for your records sake.

Step 7: Wait for your item to be delivered.

Once your item is in the country, Kenya Air Cargo will send you an email to notify you when you can pick up your order or how the items can be delivered to your doorstep.

If you need help purchasing goods from Amazon to Kenya, contact Kenya Air Cargo with an email concerning your request. The team will get back to you promptly.


  • Hi, thank you for the information provided above. I would like to know whether the quote from aircargo sent to my email after selecting the items i need from Amazon will be the same as the amount on Amazon,or Air cargo will include a fee of it’s own since upon delivery, i understand one pays for the shipping costs as well, as a seperate payment from the invoice quotation.

    • We only charge standard handling charge of 20$ per shipment plus the 12.99$ per kilo from US to kenya, we do not add any other charges. The simplest way is actually making the purchase directly from Amazon, then putting our UK/USA address as the shipping address when checking out. You will only pay shipping and handling fees when collecting the item.

      • Will I be charged anything by customs?

        • Our charges include all customs and clearance

  • Can you ship products that are exlusively on Amazon India, [not yet available in the USA], i.e. Huawei Honor 7x?

    • Kindly call us directly on 0722355378, it is possible

  • I want to send clothing from Northern Ireland to Bungoma in Kenya. Is this something you can do?

    • this is possible.

      Send from N.Ireland to our UK address, From our Uk address we will send to Nairobi and then to Bungoma.

  • Hi, I would like to buy body shop cosmetic products from their UK website and get them delivered in Nairobi. It won’t be large amounts maybe 3-5 kgs.

    • We can deliver the products we dont have minimum chargable weight like other companies. You will be charged £4.75 per kilo with a handling charge of £25.

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    • will check it out

  • i need to buy 2pcs magnetic car flag poles from amazon which i have already identified and which are very urgent and they will be coming from germany… kindly advise

    • Make the purchase and use our UK address as delivery address. Pay Amazon for shipping to UK (If it is being charged) from our UK office we will deliver to Kenya in 1-2 weeks maximum. Check out website footer for UK address. Shipping to Kenya from UK will be £25 handling fees + £4.75 per kilo for item. U pay freight charges upon collection of goods.

  • How long does air cargo take from London to Nairobi. I need something urgently by early next week. Is this possible? You can also reach me via WhatsApp on +254710645246

    Thank you.

    • London to Nairobi takes 5 working days from cut of day. Please send drop us an email for further information.

  • you have not said anything about shipping charges and duration.thats what we are interested in

    • Cargo from US to Kenya are $12.99 per kilo with a handling charge of $25.
      Cargo from UK to Kenya can take as little as 5 working days.

  • what about the custom import duties and tax? Also i want to know if after i paid the said amount to amazon (provided that the items ships to kenya), are kenya customs still going to charge me when the goods get here?

  • I want to buy a binoculars rated USD102. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0007UQNTU/ref=pd_aw_sbs_421_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=ZEYYQGC49RYCMZGF8ZKG&dpPl=1&dpID=71vtQPH0bOL how will it totally cost to reach me?

  • There’s something I don’t get it clear, for instance i wanna buy a phone from Amazon from Kenya , it’s obviously less than a kilo, does that mean the 10 dollar is excluded?
    How long does it take before an item is delivered to Kenya?

    • Hello Stephen, if a kilo is $10 we’ll calculate the grams respectively. for example is it is 0.5kg the it will be $5 + Handling charge of $20

  • Hey, I’m currently planning to buy a piano from Amazon.The description says free shipping.What further costs will I incur to purchase the item?

  • The hsndling charge is $35. Is it for everything or is it per kg?

    • There is the standard handling charge now $25 + $9.95 per every kg. Please get in touch with us by email at Info@kenya-aircargo.com. Thanks, Abdul

  • Hi, i want to purchase various small items of around 500grams each from Amazon U.S.
    Can you be able to consolidate them all into 1 box and give me a shipping charge to Kenya based on that?

  • How much to import this… https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Screen-LED-Lit-Monitor-U3818DW/dp/B073FHWTPL

  • Hello am from malawi and it is a land locked country which i think you do know.I am coming to do my bachelors in kenya in may, I dont have a postal address in kenya but just the master card . How can i make my buying of things from amazon while in kenya possible.Thank you so so much .

    • Hi Laurene, welcome to Kenya. Thats not a problem, you’ll use our Nairobi address KENYA PICK-UP ADDRESS

      Store No. 14,
      Yare business park,
      General Waruingi Street,
      (former KBS Garage)
      T: +254 (0) 722 355 378

      From here you can pick up or we can deliver to your doorstep

  • If my husband order some items from amazon how can it be delivered at Kenya nanyuki.he lives at bahrain middle east?

    • Hi Elsie, Yes, let him order from Amazon US or UK and send to our US or UK address, From our address we will send to Nairobi and then to Nanyuki.

  • Hi, incase I wanted to buy an electronic keyboard going for $866.00, would also be required to pay handling fees to my post office, eg customs and tax fees on top of your handling fees, if yes or no, what would the above item cost to get it to my postal address weighing 15kgs. Thank you

  • Do you have a watsapp number? Can i just pay you the total amount including purchase price abd you buy and deliver what i want

    • Hello Enos, Whatsapp us on +254 722 355378. Yes that’s possible, get in touch we arrange.

  • hi, i wish to order some stuff from amazon. how much will you charge me for shipping. a phone a pair of running shoes and 6 pairs of sports socks

    • Hi Kiprotich Genion,

      Thanks for the message, We would need the final weights and Dims to give you an quote. However, our rate are £4.75 plus £25 handling from The UK to Kenya. Please drop us an email to see how we can further assist you info@kenya-aircargo.com.


  • i wish to order some items from Amazon UK so can i proceed to issue your address in UK for them to be delivered for forward shipping to kenya?
    And what is the address? Do i have to inform you before i make payment to Amazon?

    • Hi E Ndungu, Awesome question.

      Yes you can use our UK and US address However you would need to send us all your purchase confirmation to our email address once you have placed your orders.

      Please make sure you have your full name on each package.


      Your full name + ACG
      Address line 1 – First Way
      Address line 2 – Access Business Centre
      Town – Wembley
      Post code – HA9 0JD
      United Kingdom
      T: 0207 993 2763


      Your full name + ACG
      Address line 1 – 14930 S. Figueroa Street
      City – Gardena
      State – California
      Zipcode – CA 90248
      T: 3023 514 971

  • hello, just saw this website coz i wanna buy something from amazon worth 39USD, i would really appreciate if you could guide me through the process plus also your charges etc

  • Help Sir/Madam, l want to buy a used Panasonic AG-DVX100B Videocamera l saw it in amazon UK advert selling at $309.00 l tried to order but my order its not going through what can l do pls assist me.

    • Were you successful? Kindly send us link for item

  • Can I pay you with m-pesa to pay the whole amount of shipping with payment to Amazon.. simply can I pay the whole amount with m-pesa… please

  • Someone wants to send me a laptop from the US to Nairobi.I dont have a postal address.How can i get it.How long does it take to arrive and what will be the charges

    • Hey Winnie, All you need to do is ask the Sender to send the laptop to our USA address, the address should read as follows

      Winnie Ngura ACG
      14930 S. Figueroa Street

      Charges are Kshs 3,500 handling charges and 1500 per kilo on the weight of the item. (For example if laptop wieghs at 3kilos, it will cost 4,500+3,500 to ship to Kenya. Once shipped to Kenya you can collect at our Godown in Eastleigh or arrange with us to have it delivered to your doorstep at usual local rates.

      pick up address;

      Store No. 14,
      Yare business park,
      General Waruingi Street,
      (former KBS Garage)
      T: +254 (0) 722 355 378

  • Am in Germany I want your UK addresses where I can forward my parcel so you receive it to Kenya.

  • Can I know the shipping cost before making the order?

  • Hey, Good morning. I want to purchase some polarised sunglasses from Amazon. Am certain they don’t amount to a kilo what are the charges please.

  • Do you ship from China how much do you charge per kg

  • Hmmm amazing amazon

  • I’m in the USA. I want to send goal posts to a school West of Nairobi in Limuru. From what I understand from what I’ve read so far 1. I should order on Amazon but get them sent to your UK address then 2. You will post them on to the school in Kenya. Correct? The cost would be from the UK $25 handling fee plus ? $4.75 per kilo?
    Have you had any experience as a company of goods getting embargoed, extras fees applied, or stolen?
    I’m wondering whether to use you or take into the country myself from the USA but I’d have to pay extra large baggage fees on the airline. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the details you provided.I would wish to know if am able to send back my laptop for repair considering the warranty it has.

  • Hi, i wanted to ship a computer gadget from USA to Nairobi Kenya weighing less than 200grams, what are your charges.

  • Hi, I’ve sent an email to the email address that you’ve provided regarding some professional lights that I want to buy from Amazon and I’m yet to receive a response.

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