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Shipping from UK or Turkey to Tanzania: Air Cargo Global Kenya LTD ACG KENYA Clearing & Forwarding Company

Air Cargo Global Kenya air shipping division is opening UK & Turkey shipping to our customers in Tanzania. Lots of East African residents have a difficult time making purchases abroad and getting their cargo air shipped to Tanzania. We are happy to reveal that you can buy anything you want from UK & Turkey to Tanzania; East Africa and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep.

Air shipping from UK & Turkey has been a challenge for many years especially because of high cost and traditional style shopping where you have to go to a physical office. With Air Cargo Global Kenya, you can do it in your Home and pay and we will have it delivered to your doorstep.

Shipping Commercial merchandise from UK & Turkey to Tanzania with Air Cargo Global Kenya.

Air Cargo Global Kenya shipping from Turkey or UK to Tanzania can handle all your purchasing and logistics from manufacturers and suppliers in Turkey. Delivered to your shop or your warehouse doorsteps. We handle all logistics, customs and all the paperwork on your behalf.

With our fast air Cargo networks across the globe, rest assured that all your air cargo shipment will come to your doorstep without interruptions.

To start shipping from UK/Turkey to Tanzania, simply get in by filling in our contact form below with all your details and air shipment needs and we’ll work with you to deliver your shipment to Tanzania at your doorstep.


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    All orders for electronic items with battery power must be ordered to the UK office only! Learn More